Wine Library

Passionate. Authentic. Moving.

In this space, a sense of history emanates from the beer-bottle chandeliers and the collection of 33,000 books. The Wine Library is a public space where hotel guests can relax, read, chat, browse online, network, flirt, eat and drink. On request, we can bring snacks to your table at any time of day or night - from Swiss 'Hinkelstein' cheese, matured for 18-20 months and served with balsamic vinegar, to beef tartar - and treat you to fine wines from the Zurich region.

B2-Boutique-Hotel-Spa Zurich Breakfast-Buffet


Speciality cheeses and dried meats from natü are the highlight of the breakfast buffet. These are accompanied by breads, muesli and Zamba and Raguser juices. We also serve hot drinks and egg dishes.

B2-Boutique-Hotel-Spa Zurich Cheese-specialities

from B to Z...

From B for B2 Beefburger - A marriage of minced beef and Gruyère cheese, served with sour cream and a small market salad. To Z for Zurich cheeses - Bergfichte, truffled brie and Jersey Blue. These lovingly hand-craft cheeses are a testament to the passion of the local cheesemakers.

B2-Boutique-Hotel-Spa Zurich Weekly-specials

Tapas buffet

Perfect if you get a bit peckish between meals: a selection of tapas - simple delicious snacks – to revive your strength and energy.

B2-Boutique-Hotel-Spa Zurich Huerlimann-Beer

Hürlimann beer

Hürlimann Sternbäu is brewed according to age-old traditions. Its bitter-sweet flavour makes it the perfect accompaniment to a good meal or a delicious refreshment by itself.

B2-Boutique-Hotel-Spa Zurich Wine-region

Wine from the region

The Romans brought wine over the Alps to Zurich around 2000 years ago. Whether from the urban district or wider region, Zurich wines are in vogue.
Zurich wines are the ideal accompaniment to regional delicacies!
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