Thermal Bath & Spa Zurich

Massages and Spa Treatments 

The thermal bath and spa Zurich also offers massages and spa treatments in uniquely appointed rooms bathed in candlelight. Choose from baths with milk and honey, heavenly scents and flowers, enjoy the private spa, a peeling massage or a massage with herbal stamps. 

The facilities are generously designed and offer enough space for all guests, men and women. On Tuesdays the spa is reserved for women only. We recommend a timely reservation of your treatments and massages:


The Irish-Roman Spa Ritual

This spa ritual combines various antique bathing cultures into one unique and relaxing wellness experience in a very special ambiance. In ten successive stations your body will be slowly warmed, cleaned, relaxed and cooled down again: Begin with a gentle flowering steam bath, followed by a whole-body peeling. The ensuing herbal steam bath and hot bath serve to purge and detox - they are followed by a recovery phase and lounging on warm pedestals. In the roman bath you will enjoy bubbling warm water, followed by a slow cool-down with a few rounds in the swimming pool and another recovery phase on the warm lounge pedestals. The ritual finishes with relaxation in the «ballroom» and the spa lounge. 

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Benefits for our Hotel Guests: 

As a B2-Guest, you benefit from a reduced entrance fee from CHF 30.00 per guest (50% discount from the regular rate). And you can also enjoy the spa the next full day for free!

Just for you: The roof top pool is open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. exclusively for our hotel guests!

By the way: The entrance fee is included in all of our specials and packages!

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