Wine Library: The Place to Be

Enjoy drinks and small dishes around the clock.

Bottle holders become chandeliers: In our Wine Library the history and spirit of the former brewery is also very present. Have a seat next to towering book shelves with more than 33'000 books and under spectacular chandeliers made from original Hürlimann beer bottles.


The Wine Library is very impressive and yet one of the most beautiful and comfortable places in Zurich to meet, to chill or chat, to surf, read or work - and to enjoy small tasty dishes, a good glass of wine or a Hürlimann beer whenever the fancy takes you.


From Breakfast to Nightcap

Our varied, regional breakfast buffet ist served in the Wine Library. From breakfast until late at night we also serve small dishes from cheese plates or pasta dishes to beef burgers - accompanied by the drink of your choice, a fine wine from the vineyards of Zurich or a fresh, cold Hürlimann beer. 


The Wine Library menu


The Wine Library wine list

Fresh and Regional Breakfast

The small yet comprehensive breakfast buffet offers regional cheese and meat specialties from the mountains around Zurich, fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, housemade Birchermüesli and various juices. We serve egg dishes freshly prepared according to your wishes as well as coffee, tea, or chocolate. A special highlight is the trout filet from fish raised in natural ponds of our region.

Enjoyment from B to Z...

From B as in«B2 Beefburger»: our perfect combination of the best beef with tangy Gruyère cheese. To Z as in Zurich's cheese specialities: creamy truffled bries, full-flavoured hard cheeses, mild blue cheeses... The region is famous for its dairies and with every bite you can taste the passion for this old tradition, going into the making of each single cheese. 

Fine Wines from Zurich

We are ever so grateful to the Romans for bringing wine to Zurich from across the Alps about 2000 years ago! Our wines today come from renowned regional wineries and offer you a broad selection of fine specialties like Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot gris, Pinot noir, Cabernet, etc. from the vineyards of Zurich. 

Hürlimann Beer

Brewed using tried-and-tested traditional methods, the Hürlimann "Lager" can be enjoyed as a fruity, full-bodied beer.

Winterthur brewery Chopfab’s deep red Amber, mild Dunkel and light, effervescent Weize are also bold choices. All the beers are the perfect accompaniment to good food – or a tasty refresher at the end of a long day.