The B2 Story:

From Brewery to Design-Hotel.

  • 1867: Albert Hürlimann makes use of the convenient railway line connection and establishes a new brewery on the site of an old farm known as «zum steineren Tisch» [the stone table] at Sihlberg in Zurich's Enge district. The fermentation and storage cellars are sited in an outbuilding beneath the stables.
  • 1880: A ground-breaking refrigeration system known as the «Ice Machine», invented by German engineer Linde, allows Hürlimann to increase production and become the largest brewery in Switzerland
  • 1970s: Hürlimann beer tries to differentiate itself by using mineral water in the brewing process. But the Aqui water reached by drilling on the Hürlimann site is found to have too high a mineral content for beer brewing.
  • 1996: After 130 years of production, the last beer is brewed on the Hürlimann site. Under pressure following liberalisation of the market, Hürlimann AG merges with Feldschlösschen and operations in Zurich are discontinued shortly afterwards.
  • 1997: A design competition is held to find a new use for the former industrial site. Architectural firm Althammer Hochuli comes up with a vision for a new development.
  • 1998: PSP Swiss Property works with the City of Zurich to develop a collaborative planning process. A design and conservation agreements are worked out before work starts on the renovations and extensions.
  • 2007: Google opens an office on the Hürlimann site. Zurich becomes the largest Google research and development centre outside the United States.
  • 2008: Real estate company PSP starts remodelling work to create the thermal bath & spa and the hotel.
  • 2011: Opening of Zurich's first thermal bath fed by an existing spring. The roof and storage vaults of the former brewery are transformed into luxurious spa zones. Aqua Spa Resorts AG manages the spa.
  • 2012: Turicum Hotel Management AG develops the B2 concept – Boutique and Bookmark Hotel – and combines industrial charm with comfortable accommodation in a city centre location, designed by interior designer Ushi Tamborriello. The Wine Library, forming the centrepiece to the hotel, and the distinctive service provided by the Guest Ambassadors create a novel and inviting hotel experience.


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